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All About Haven

May 19, 2014


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-He is VERY ticklish!

-He likes to eat french fries, hash browns, bananas, avocados, rice, milk, and bread.

-He likes to be carried.

-He had a fever and cough when we met.  (Fever is gone.  Cough is getting better.)

-He isn’t afraid to express himself!

-His emotions swing back and forth very quickly.

-He has a killer smile!

-He enjoys riding in the van and looking out the window at the other cars.

-He is learning to crawl.

-He likes to give hugs to his stuffed animals.

-He can roll over.

-He gulps down his formula like there’s no tomorrow!

-He loves kisses, and turns his cheek to us when we say “kiss”.

-He loves to play with Gracie, and watches everything that she does.

-His legs are pretty weak.

-He’s getting stronger every day!

-His body is small for his age.

-He sweats very easily.

-He can’t stand by himself, but is working on bearing weight on his legs.

-He thinks Cheerios are awesome.

-He doesn’t like getting changed (but, each day, he handles it better and better!)

-He doesn’t like having his clothes off.

-He giggles when I put on his shoes…because it tickles : )

-He is a little guy with a big appetite.

-He likes to drop food and toys on the floor.

-He doesn’t like it when I lay him down in his crib for naps/bedtime.

-He likes looking at books.

-His eyes disappear when he smiles…because his grin is so big : )

-He likes it when Grandpa sings “Do A Little Dance” to him.

-He recognizes Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, and Gracie’s faces.

-He doesn’t like taking baths.

-He is apprehensive of new places, new people, etc.

-He LOVES it when I brush his teeth.  It must tickle him because he giggles as I do it : )

-He hates riding in the stroller and shopping carts. (He screams!!!)

-He thinks personal electronic devices are awesome.

-He is starting to say “Mama”, “Dada”, and “Night night”.

-He giggles when I blow bubbles with my gum!

-And he is precious – through and through ♥



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  1. Mary Jane permalink
    May 19, 2014 8:09 pm

    Sounds like an awesome kiddo!

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