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A Sister’s Joy

August 8, 2017

The moment she realized
her new little brother
might be the best birthday gift
she has ever received. ♡

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Gracie’s Birthday Gift

August 7, 2017

Overjoyed to announce that we have a son.
Our perfect match.
Our beautiful River.

We’re so in love with him already, and so thankful that this news arrived when it did.

We got the call from our adoption agency on Gracie’s birthday last week.

Even better?

Gracie shares her birthday with her Grandma Parks.  And while we were out celebrating their birthdays at one of our favorite restaurants, we got a call from my brother-in-law, telling us that his twin girls (and Grace’s twin cousins) had been born.  The call literally came just as we were beginning to sing “Happy Birthday” to Grace and Grandma Parks.

Just hours after getting the call about River, we got the call about the twins.

Best birthday gift ever.

God is good. 


Back to School

August 4, 2017

One beautiful 5th grader.
Two nervous 3rd graders.
One excited 1st grader.
And one sad little brother who hates sending them away (almost) as much as I do. 

#firstdayofschool #prayingforagreatyear #lovethemtopieces




August 4, 2017

The tradition continues.

Last night, they marked the end of summer break <sniff, sniff> and the beginning of school by eating pancakes, blowing out candles, and making wishes for the school year ahead.

Hoping all of their wishes come true!

Hers & Mine

August 3, 2017

Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl!!! 

9 years old. So beautiful. So loved.

With each passing year, you’re probably beginning to look more and more like her. For all I know, your face could already be a spitting image of hers. Such a bittersweet thought. You are hers in a way that you will never be mine. You are mine in a way that you will never be hers. And, together, we are motherhood. On your birthday, more than any other day of the year, I am reminded of that…


July 31, 2017

When your daddy (who said he would never let you play travel ball) takes you over to his friend’s house to try on his daughter’s old Indy Rebels uniform, then tells you that he’s not only allowing you to become an Indy Rebel, but he’s going to be your coach….


Indianapolis Indians

July 31, 2017

Beautiful weekend to catch an Indians game!