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A Red Dress

December 10, 2017

Sidney had her Christmas choir concert tonight. 

Her director asked that all choir members wear red and/or green dress clothes for their performance.

I was so happy that she chose to wear the new red dress that she brought home with her from China!

I know I’m biased. But, I thought she looked stunning in it….


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Let the games begin!

December 9, 2017

#18 & #2

My favorite little ball players…


A Corduroy Christmas

December 9, 2017

Christmas + Corduroy = CUTENESS!


A Gift from Riley

December 9, 2017

Yesterday, we received an incredible Christmas gift from Riley Hospital.

A phone call, informing us that the Chinese surgeons apparently did an excellent job repairing River’s heart.  Chances are, he won’t need any further heart surgeries, just periodic check-ups with a cardiologist.  Needless to say, this news is a huge answer to prayer!!

You know, I’ve been coming to Riley Hospital on a regular basis for almost four years now.  And each year, right around Christmastime, it seems as though we have received varying gifts of good news about Haven’s health/progress.  So thankful that, this year, the Christmas tradition continues.  But, this time, for a little boy with a once-broken heart who is now filling our hearts with unspeakable joy. 


Sharing Lunches. Sharing Life.

December 8, 2017

“Mommy, I love having lunch with my best friend!”

Haven is so happy to finally have a little lunch buddy while his big sibs are off at school…and a buddy to play with throughout the day.

Zero fighting so far. Tons of sharing (especially food).

They follow each other around everywhere, and it’s so clear that they absolutely love each other.

My heart can hardly take it….


“P” is for “Parks”

December 8, 2017

Jackson: “Hey, Mommy, why did you spell POOP with our stocking holders?” 



Let’s just say that I was simply arranging our monograms in such a way that they would be symmetrical…and I didn’t notice that our frames did, in fact, strongly resemble a certain letter in the alphabet.

Gave us a good laugh.

What is it with boys and poop anyway?!?  I tell ya!

Now…what to do?  Leave them, as-is, or rearrange them?  Decisions, decisions…


The Pro.

December 8, 2017

“River, this is my hospital. Don’t be scared. They will be nice.”

Haven (my hospital pro) helped River so much during his first visit to Riley yesterday.

Held his hand. Gave him suckers and kisses. Entertained him. And waited patiently during all of his tests/exams.

A true blessing on days like these…


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