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Silent Tears

October 10, 2017

Didn’t sleep well last night.

Got to have a few minutes of face time with River just before heading to bed, and he was NOT happy.

Cried off and on the whole time.

Very hard to witness that from the other side of the world.

Bryan was recording it, and he sent me the video this morning. I pulled it up and watched it with Haven.

Before I knew it, he had silent tears streaming down his perennially happy face.

Didn’t say a word. He just watched River cry, and cried along with him.

His mind doesn’t remember any of the time he spent in an orphanage. But, clearly, his heart still does…and seeing that this morning broke mine. 


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Mighty to Save

October 9, 2017

My heart was full this morning. 
This girl has been singing from the moment she learned how to talk. I can remember hearing her sing full songs (on key) as a two-year-old, and praying that God would take her voice and use it for His glory someday. This morning, as I watched her sing a solo in a large sanctuary full of people, it became clear that God is doing just that. So thankful that He has given her this gift. And so thankful that He has given her to us…


What a sweet, sweet sound this song must have been to our Savior’s ears…


October 8, 2017

Great season, girls! You proved that hard work pays off!

~ Tourney: 2ND PLACE

~ Team Word: EFFORT


~ Record: 14-4 ~


Woo Hoo!! Hendricks County 10U Tourney Runners-Up!! 🏆

Gracie and the Blueberries knocked my socks off today. They played 5 games (yes, 5) and battled their way into the championship game. They gave it all they had. Left it all on the field. Walked away completely exhausted, but with some beautiful new hardware in their hands. So very proud of all of them!!


Dads have to make tough decisions sometimes. So do coaches. He happens to be both of those things to both of his girls. Today, he couldn’t be with Gracie at her tourney because he needed to be with Sidney at hers. He hated to have to make that decision, but he loved listening to Gracie recount the entire day for him as they sat on the couch together tonight. He sure is proud of his Blueberries for doing what they did this weekend…


A Pillow for River

October 5, 2017

River’s special pillow arrived today. 

Can’t wait for him to try it out in a couple of months in his very own bed, in his very own home, with his very own family.

It features the names of everyone who helped Sidney and Grace with their adoption fundraiser.

They’re so grateful for each and every contribution that was made toward their upcoming travel expenses. And they’re so ready to bring their little brother home…


Chinese Moon Festival

October 5, 2017

Moon Pies and new Chinese shirts. 🏮

This was my (lame) attempt at recognizing the Chinese Moon Festival.  I apologized to Grace for not doing more…knowing that there are some all-star adoptive parents out there making homemade moon cakes, flying lanterns, and hosting family dinners.

But, Grace lived up to her name. Showed her mom some grace. Said, “Don’t say you’re sorry. I love this.” Stuffed a Moon Pie in her mouth. And skipped off toward her bedroom with her new shirt in-hand, and a smile on her face.

#notatotalfailafterall #momsneedgracetoo


Mirror Notes

October 5, 2017

I always enjoy reading Sidney’s mirror notes to herself.

But, this week’s notes might be my favorite so far.

Good stuff.

It’s no wonder that Jesus stressed the importance of going back to square one, and becoming like children again. 



October 3, 2017
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He’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll…