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MCE Talent Show 2018

March 12, 2018

“The Rainbow of Promise”
Morganne & Grace’s partner painting.
They each painted a canvas, and when you put them together, they create one image. They did it together. They named it together. And they walked onstage together at school to share it at the talent show last Friday night. Very proud of them, their talents, and their teamwork. 


I tell you. It seems like just yesterday that this red-haired beauty was in kindergarten, and I was dressing her up as Cosette so that she could sing “Castle on a Cloud” for her first performance in the school talent show. Now, here she is. A fifth grader.  And, on Friday night, she had her sixth, and final, elementary talent show performance. The years have flown by so quickly….


Loved watching our girls and so many other confident, courageous kiddos share their talents!  They did so well!  What a fun night…

The Magic Number

March 6, 2018

Seven is the magic number in our house. (For ear piercing, at least.)

We allowed Sidney and Grace to get their ears pierced when they turned seven. We told Morganne that we would allow her to do the same.

Last night, we kept our promise to her by taking her to Claire’s Boutique so that she could get some fancy ears, just like her big sisters.

She’s so excited about that!

(And I was pretty excited that, out of the dozens of earrings she had to choose from, she chose a pair of crosses.)



Bursting with Color

March 6, 2018

Our little artist
had a BLAST last weekend
at her painting party!
She adds so much color to our world!  Big thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends who came out to celebrate her life with us!


A Handful of Words

March 3, 2018

Just finished my newest canvas.

Our six greatest blessings, described in just a handful of words.

I like to tell them that I’m glad God created each of them so differently, because that’s what makes my job so interesting, and so much fun!  They are not the same (thankfully).  But, I love each of them the same.  They are six very different people, with six very different stories, and six very different entrances into our family.  And, because of that, they each have their very own place in my heart that will forever belong only to them.  As they pass through our kitchen each day, I hope that the words on this new canvas will remind them of that…


I spy…

March 3, 2018

…with my little eye,
a little boy who got some great news yesterday.


River’s wonderful cardiologist (the same one that God placed in our path while we were in China during Haven’s adoption, who worked to get him the urgent medical care he needed) took another good, hard look at his heart. He determined that we only need to visit him once every three years, instead of once every year, as we originally thought.

Heart looks as good as new. No restrictions of any kind (sports, etc.).

Such great news.

A ray of light on a dark and gloomy day.

We praise God for the continued positive reports that keep coming River’s way. ♡

A Simple Nudge

March 1, 2018

Bryan and I believe in her. She knows that.

But, it was pretty special for her to find out this week that her music teacher believes in her, too. He sent home a letter to us, highly recommending that she audition for the Indianapolis Children’s Choir. She’s very excited about it, and hopes to be able to audition for the fall semester, if her softball schedule allows.

Seeing her reaction to this letter – this simple nudge toward a musical pursuit – reminded me of the power of encouragement. When someone tells you/shows you that they believe in you, it can truly work wonders.  



March 1, 2018

Just a boy and his cat.
Enjoying this unseasonably warm weather together.
Finally getting to know one another, after months of staring at one another through our glass patio door….


The Chinese word for cat is “mao”.  When pronounced, it sounds like “meow”.  So, when River came home to us last December, pointing at Rudy and calling him “mao” (unprompted), I just let him continue to do so.  Someday, I’ll fill him in, and tell him that he’s actually a cat…and that “meow” is just the sound that he makes.  But, for now, “mao” is just too cute to correct.  So, around here, for the foreseeable future, a cat is a “mao”. 

River has had to adjust to a new life, a new family, and a new language…and has handled it all like a champ. So, I suppose the least I can do is let him hang onto that one word for as long as he’d like!