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The Maker of the Moon

September 25, 2018

Me: “Did you guys know that the moon you see here is the same moon that your birth parents see in China? I think that’s pretty cool, don’t you?” 
Grace: “Yeah, I do. It kind of makes me feel closer to them.”

I promised the kids that we’d celebrate the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival this year by making mooncake cookies. We usually just read our Moon Festival books together as a family. But, this year we decided to up our game a little bit. Glad we did. Not just because it yielded us a few dozen Chinese-themed sweet treats, but also because it yielded some great conversations as we sat in the kitchen, baking together.

We talked about how we don’t worship the moon. We worship God, who is the Maker of the moon. We talked about how the Moon Festival is a holiday that is all about family because the moon appears particularly bright and round at this time of year, and how that symbolizes unity and togetherness to the Chinese people. Some Chinese folks even refer to this holiday as the “Reunion Festival” because it brings families together. I thought of that as we talked, laughed, and rolled those moon-shaped balls of dough in our hands. On this day, on the other side of the world, there’s a good chance that our children’s birth families are also talking, laughing, and rolling moon-shaped balls of dough in their hands, as they gather together to celebrate this holiday. There’s also a good chance that they are thinking of our children today…while our children are thinking of them. In a way, tonight did taste a little bit like a “Reunion Festival” between our children and their birth families, thanks to some simple mooncake-making, and the Maker of the moon…


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  1. Richard Loh permalink
    September 25, 2018 6:00 am

    My heart is melting now….I don’t know what to say! They’re all blessed to have a great mom like you !!!

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