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Love & Lollipops

September 13, 2018

They were my greatest ally on the day that I met River. He was scared, overwhelmed, and carsick. He clung to his nanny, and refused to come to me. So, I extended him some Cheerios. He loved them. Then, I extended him a sucker. He loved that even more. Slowly, but surely, he calmed down and began to warm up to me.

Throughout the following days and weeks ahead, as he continued to make his way through the grieving process and transition from orphanage life to family life, I made sure to have several suckers within reach at all times. If all else failed, I would hand him one of them…and he would instantly calm down. The attachment/bonding process with him went so quickly. He and I became inseparable within days of meeting one another. Those suckers played role. A minor one. But, a role nonetheless.

To this day, suckers are still his favorite sweet treat. And, for me, they are still (and will always be) one of the sweetest little reminders of our family’s unbreakable bond with him. So, choosing his birthday party theme this year (his first birthday party ever, I might add) was a piece of cake.

Love & Lollipops.

Those were the two things he wanted most on the day he came into our lives….and they are still the two things he seems to want most. So, we overloaded him with lollipops, and our friends/family members helped us overload him with love.

What a joy it was to gather and celebrate the life of this beautiful boy for the very first time. We thank everyone who came out to my parents’ place to be a part of it, and we thank my parents – once again – for letting us take over their property for another grandchild’s birthday bash. At least once a day, River excitedly makes mention of his “sucker party”. It clearly left an impression on him. Such a memorable night for him, and for our entire family….


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