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Taking Command

August 20, 2018

I took Gracie down to Columbus today for her first practice with her new travel team.

New teammates. New coaches. New practice facility. New sets of curious, young eyes looking at her hand…and, undoubtedly, wondering how well she can play.

She knows that they are looking, but she is un-phased.

Quietly, she steps into the batting cages and rips one ball after another from the pitching machine. They enter into a little competition among themselves. She comes out on top. 

I sat back and, as usual, nervously watched it all unfold…silently rooting for her in my heart. Parents watch her, and then look at one another, seemingly impressed by what they’ve just seen. She looks over at me, and smiles a confident smile…and I smile a confident smile right back (even though, inside, my stomach is in knots).

She walked into that new situation today with great ease and confidence. True to her team’s name, “Demand Command”, she took command of the situation. A great start to what we hope will be a great season. As a result, I felt I had no choice but to reward her by picking up her favorite DQ treat on the way home. Let’s just say that she had no trouble taking command of that situation as well.  #icecream#dinnerofchampions


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