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One Team

August 20, 2018

Okay, so I’m filing this under my growing list of “THINGS I WISH I HAD DONE SOONER”.

Last year, a certain little someone in our family noticed that his trophy collection paled in comparison to others within our family. I could tell that bummed him out a little bit. Besides a few words of encouragement, I wasn’t sure what else to do in response to that…until last week. I had a small epiphany. I went around our house, from bedroom to bedroom, gathering up all of the trophies I could find. I cleared off one of our shelves upstairs, and put all of the kids’ trophies together in one spot.

One collection of trophies. One family. One team.

When one of our members wins, we all win.

I hope that’s the message that our kiddos hear, loud and clear, each time they walk by that shelf…especially a certain little someone who has yet to fully discover how much of a winner he really is. 


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