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An Agreement.

August 15, 2018

Bryan and I came to an agreement before he jumped into coaching travel softball last year. We agreed that he would have to view his coaching role as a ministry. A chance to serve others, and not just a chance to be involved in teaching a sport. If he was going to sacrifice time spent with our family, occasionally miss church on Sunday mornings due to tournaments, take the repeated financial hits that a volunteer coaching position requires, and add another huge responsibility onto our family’s large/overflowing plate, we agreed that he would have to make sure that he is coaching with a sense of purpose. I made him promise me that if we were going to sacrifice a portion of our time, our money, and (sometimes) our sanity, then he needed to try to treat this as a ministry – first and foremost….


Last night, he ministered to his team by bringing Katelyn Pavey out to join them for their first practice of the season. He held a Q & A session with her, and had her participate in the two-hour practice that followed. She inspired the girls with her words, and wowed them with her softball skills. She left quite an impression on them, and helped kick this season off in a memorable way.

Thirty years from now, I doubt that this group of girls will be able to recall what their record was for this season. But, I know that they will all remember the day that Katelyn came out to visit them and tell them that – with God’s help – anything is possible. With His help, earning a scholarship to play college softball with a limb difference became a possibility, and then a reality, in her life.

That’s the good stuff, isn’t it?!?  The stuff that sticks.  The stuff that leaves an impression on young hearts, and lasts throughout their lifetime.

Thank you, Katelyn and Eric, for your friendship and for continuing to serve others, through softball!  And thank you both for helping Bryan as he tries to do the same.

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