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New Wheels for Kindergarten

August 3, 2018

Tomorrow is the big day.

For months, I’ve tried to prepare myself for that moment when I will have to watch Haven walk off to kindergarten. I have not, however, prepared myself for this.  Last week, he tripped and re-injured his troublesome shinbone (that has never, and probably will never, fully heal).  He is in his walking boot, and has been moving way too slowly/limping way too badly to keep up with the high-paced nature of his school schedule.  So, we made a last-minute decision yesterday to try to get him a wheelchair.  Thanks to some scrambling by his former therapist, he now has one. So, instead of walking off to kindergarten tomorrow as I had initially envisioned, he will most likely be wheeling himself toward it.  As usual, he is handling all of this so well…and smiling through it all. In fact, he is loving his new ride.  He just got it this evening, and has had a blast learning how to maneuver it around our house.  At this point, I’ve pretty much thrown in the towel, and am done trying to prepare myself for tomorrow.  I will most likely be a mess. It is what it is. We are praying so hard for this little guy’s safety, and for the loving hands that will be caring for him, teaching him, and looking out for him throughout his days at school.  The staff has been so attentive so far.  They’ve sat through meetings with us, set up a thorough IEP, had multiple conversations with us, and exchanged many emails already on Haven’s behalf.  We know he is in a good place.  And we know that God is always watching over him.  But, walking out of that building tomorrow to go back home, while leaving him behind??  Well, that’s definitely going to put my strength to the test.  Hoping/praying for the best…

IMG_7914dd (2)

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  1. August 3, 2018 4:25 am

    So precious! Yes, only a parent knows that hear aching feeling after dropping off your child the first day of school. But he’ll be ok. I know far too well about those IEP meetings – one of my boys has one. All will be well, we only need to trust in God. Blessings to all on the big day.

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