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Playing With Heart

July 16, 2018

From time to time, I’ll see a parent pull their kid aside after a heartbreaking loss and tell them to be strong, and hold back their tears. But, you won’t see me do that. And you probably won’t see Bryan do it either.  Let the tears flow, if you ask me. Those tears are indicative of an athlete who cares.  They are indicative of an athlete who plays with his/her heart.  And this girl of ours??  She plays with hers.  She loves the game.  She loves her teammates.  She wants to see them succeed.  She encourages them.  She tries so hard not to let them or her coaches down…especially that coach she calls, “Daddy”.


She battled all season long, many times under intense pressure….and battled well into the darkness during her final tournament of the season.  It all ended with a heartbreaking loss in the final game, by just one run.  The opposing team was gigantic.  They had two batters that had me legitimately scared for her safety on the mound.  And, yet, the young Indy Rebels came so close to taking them down.  SO close. 

It was a David and Goliath showdown, of sorts, and David almost came out on top. 

Bryan was so proud of the girls. They played the best ball they’ve played all year, and ended their season strong. 

After that tough loss last night, and endless weeks of pitching/hitting lessons and team practices, I thought for sure that Sidney would wake up this morning and say, “I’m ready for a break.”  But, she didn’t.  Instead, I heard her talking about the upcoming team tryouts and the fall season ahead. 

The tears fell freely last night, and there was some pain.  But, joy came in the morning. 

Thankful for that.  And thankful for the valuable, character-building, life lessons that this game continues to teach our girl. 

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