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“Pitch with a Purpose” – UPDATE!

May 14, 2018

Sidney and Grace would like all of their sponsors to know that they’ve earned a combined 54 strikeouts so far this season. They currently have 59 people signed up as dime donors, 3 people signed up as dollar donors, and 1 person signed up as a one-time twenty dollar donor. So, this means that the kids at the Agape Family Life House in China have $500.60 in total pledged money coming their way so far. And there are almost 2 full months of pitching left to go. How exciting!! Thank you, sponsors!! We will give another update at the end of May. Then, a final grand total at the end of June. The girls are both working very hard on their pitching. They both practice 3-4 times a week. They want to earn as much money as possible for this cause. Whenever Sidney finds herself in fear of a ginormous batter (which isn’t uncommon in travel ball these days), she tries to just picture the kids in their wheelchairs at Agape, and uses that mental image to give her courage. Whenever Grace starts to feel the pressure on the mound because she knows that people are analyzing/staring at not only her pitching, but also her hand, she tries to imagine the kinds of stares that the kids at Agape face on a daily basis in China, and uses that to give her confidence and strength. Sidney is working on her drop ball, regularly implementing an effective change-up, trying to increase speed/power in spite of the bigger ball and longer pitching distance this season, trying to grasp the importance of strategizing as a pitcher, and trying to learn that she can become a fierce/intimidating pitcher without being unkind (this is difficult for her because she’s a sweet girl, and the “killer instinct” doesn’t come naturally to her). Grace is really starting to throw some heat, and has developed an effective change-up already, which is quite something when you consider the fact that she is one of the youngest pitchers in the league. Both of them are working hard. Both of them are finding that when you do something with purpose, it drives you, pushes you, and motivates you. I couldn’t be prouder of them. After seeing all that Haven has gone through in his short life so far, they know that healthy, strong bodies are something that should not be taken for granted. Every pitch that they throw is for him, and for the children at Agape Family Life House who are just like him. Softball/Baseball isn’t possible for them. Pitching isn’t possible for them. But, it is possible for these two girls of ours. With that in mind, they are learning to treat it as a gift. A gift that isn’t meant to be sat upon and used for selfish purposes. But, rather, a gift to be shared, enjoyed, and re-gifted. As the dimes (and dollars) continue to pile up this summer, I couldn’t be happier for the precious, deserving kids at the Agape Family Life House who will be benefiting from all of Sidney and Grace’s hard work…and benefiting from the amazing generosity from so many of you out there! Your giving hearts inspire me. And I thank you all for supporting the girls as they continue to “Pitch with a Purpose” this season.


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