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One Hundred Percent

April 27, 2018

Tonight was yet another late night for Bryan at the softball diamonds.

He’s the head coach of Grace’s team and Sidney’s team this season, and he’s going to be the assistant coach of Morganne’s team (starting tomorrow).  Needless to say, he’s pretty busy right now.  But, he loves it.

He spends countless hours practicing/preparing for games with his daughters and their teammates. He spends so much time on softball fields, in our backyard, and in gymnasiums. He offers his time freely to his girls, and to the game. He arrives early to every practice to offer extra instruction to his pitchers. If it rains, he doesn’t cancel practices, he simply finds a way to move them indoors. He invites our daughters’ friends over to our home to work with them in our backyard, from time to time.

He’s not a perfect coach, but he’s the hardest working coach that I know. He puts 100% into everything that he does. Not just when it comes to coaching, but also when it comes to his family and his faith.

We are always telling our kids that if they choose to do something, they need to do it with all of their heart, and they need to give it everything that they have. Thankful that this guy continues to live out those words, and that our kids get to see them come to life, through their dad (and their coach). 


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