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Lin & Lincoln ♥

April 22, 2018

Yesterday, for the wax museum at her school, Grace chose to portray her favorite author, Grace Lin.


She loves her award-winning books. She loves that they share the same name. She loves that they look alike. She loves that they share the same Asian heritage. And she loves how her books always have Asian characters/themes. One of the new things she learned about Grace Lin during this project was that she, too, was the only Asian student in her entire elementary school. She learned that, as a child, sometimes she wanted to just forget about her Asian heritage, and pretend it didn’t exist. But, over time, she learned to love it and appreciate it so much that she decided to make her heritage the focal point of her books and her career. I know Grace can totally relate. I know there are times when she wants to forget the fact that she is the only Asian student in her school. But, there are also times – like yesterday – when I can see that she loves it and appreciates it. She could have easily chosen to put her background on the back burner. Of all the famous people she could have portrayed, past or present, she chose someone who would display her unique background. She put herself out there, and she worked so hard on every detail of her display….including the 100+ fortune cookie fortunes (inspired by Grace Lin’s “Fortune Cookie Fortunes” book) that she wrote out for her visitors to grab when they stopped by her booth. Loved seeing her put her heart into this project. She works so hard at everything she does. Can’t wait to email these photos to Grace Lin herself. I’m sure they’ll make her smile. ❤️📚🥠🐉🏵️


Jackson had a blast portraying his hero in the wax museum!

He loved this project, from start to finish, and really enjoyed sharing all of his knowledge about Abraham Lincoln with others. He memorized The Gettysburg Address in preparation for it.  (Yes, the entire Gettysburg Address!)  He had people at his booth all afternoon, gave pennies to his visitors, shared some of his favorite Abe toys/keepsakes, and gave speeches non-stop. Afterward, he said, “Mommy, that made me really tired, but it was fun. I think Abraham Lincoln and God liked what I did.” I think so, too, buddy.  



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  1. Mary Jane permalink
    April 22, 2018 9:34 pm

    Totally awesome job Gracie and Jackson!

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