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March 23, 2018

Thanks so much for the prayers this week, friends.

Unfortunately, I had to grab a pen, pull out Haven’s baby book, turn to the inside front cover, and add yet another tally mark to his ongoing fracture count.  Thanks to this week’s complete / displaced fracture just above his elbow, he now has 33 tally marks.

Yep. 33 fractures in 5 years.

That kind of math makes me sad.

And it makes his siblings sad, too. Especially Jackson. He was really troubled by it all. I think it’s because he and Haven have been inseparable lately.

But, as usual, we will choose to look for the silver linings. We will give thanks that Haven’s tumble down the stairs wasn’t as bad as it could have been. We will give thanks that he oh-so-narrowly avoided surgery (if his displacement had been .02 mm more, he would have headed into surgery).  We will give thanks for continued, quality medical care and expertise. And we will give thanks for the chance to witness this little boy – the embodiment of strength, bravery, resilience, and optimism – soar through adversity, once again. #breakableboy #unbreakablespirit


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