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March 1, 2018

Just a boy and his cat.
Enjoying this unseasonably warm weather together.
Finally getting to know one another, after months of staring at one another through our glass patio door….


The Chinese word for cat is “mao”.  When pronounced, it sounds like “meow”.  So, when River came home to us last December, pointing at Rudy and calling him “mao” (unprompted), I just let him continue to do so.  Someday, I’ll fill him in, and tell him that he’s actually a cat…and that “meow” is just the sound that he makes.  But, for now, “mao” is just too cute to correct.  So, around here, for the foreseeable future, a cat is a “mao”. 

River has had to adjust to a new life, a new family, and a new language…and has handled it all like a champ. So, I suppose the least I can do is let him hang onto that one word for as long as he’d like! 

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