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Happy Hearts

February 15, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!! 

We’re pretty thankful that we get to celebrate this day, for the first time, with this little guy. A heart breaker, for sure. A heart warrior, too. What a gift it is to love (and be loved by) him…


My Valentine.
After 16 years of marriage, in a household with 6 young children, he still manages to keep our relationship his top priority. He still circles this day on his calendar every year, and manages to find ways to make it special. He woke me up with a dozen roses and heart-shaped donuts. He took the kids to school for me. He took the little boys to my Mom and Dad’s house. Then, he took the afternoon off work so that we could have a much-needed date together. Love him so much. Thankful for him today, and every day. 

Not sure how this is even possible.
This girl had her last elementary school party today.
So, we made sure to get out there to be a part of it.
Trying so hard not to count the days until she enters middle school. Trying, instead, to make the days count.


Heart pizza!
It’s what’s for dinner!


Our hearts were happy today!

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