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February 7, 2018

Caught a glimpse of my shadow yesterday.
I realized that, for the past 11 years, this is basically what it’s looked like.  Probably very similar to many of my fellow mamas out there…


During this season of life, the silhouettes of our shadows look much different than they once did.  These days, the silhouettes of tiny people are almost always attached to ours.  But, we have to remember that ours are still there, too.  We don’t have to completely “lose ourselves” when we become mothers.  Our shadows – our identities – don’t have to get lost.  They can simply change shape. 

Motherhood is about gains, not losses…thanks to the little hands that grasp onto ours and merge two silhouettes into one. 

I needed to see that shadow on the sidewalk yesterday.  It was a timely reminder for me. Figured it might be a good idea to share it, in case there is another mama out there who needs the same reminder today. 

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