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Nubability Camp ~ 2017

July 18, 2017

“These people were her people. I sat back and watched her walk into new situations, full of new faces, in a way that I hadn’t seen her do it before. Her arms weren’t crossed over her chest (as they often are) in an attempt to disguise her hand. She was comfortable and confident. She didn’t have to fear being bombarded with questions with each new friendship that she made. Her limb difference seemed to fade away…because it was surrounded by a sea of other limb differences. She got to sit down with a mentor, and hear her firsthand experiences as an athlete with a limb difference. She got to ask questions. No questions were off-limits. And she got to hear the powerful testimonies of her mentors/coaches during the camp’s Sunday morning worship service. She wasn’t able to miraculously perfect her ball/mitt transition in a matter of days, and I can’t say that she learned a bunch of groundbreaking new softball techniques. She mainly worked on refining techniques that she already knew. But, she’s stronger now than she was before she walked into the camp. Mentally stronger. That right there is proof that we made the right decision when we signed her up for this. She needed this.”

When I asked Bryan what the highlight of Nubability Camp was for him, as a father and spectator, that was his answer (in a nutshell). As much as I wish I had been able to attend the camp with Gracie, I can honestly say that Bryan’s takeaway and his photos from the experience were enough for me.

Glad that he and Gracie got to do this together. Glad that Sidney was able to join them on the first and last day. Glad that all seven of us were able to be together as a family each night at a nearby hotel…making it a memorable experience not just for Gracie, but for all of us. ♥



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