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Eleven ♥

April 7, 2017

She was our first.
We have adored her from the first moment we saw her. She is the apple of my eye. She is the one who is able to turn her dad into a pile of mush, without saying a word. Compassionate and creative. Warm and welcoming. Talented and tender-hearted. An undeserved gift, from God to us.

Happy Birthday, Sidney Mikenna! We love you so much!



Haven helped me make and deliver Easter Kabobs to the birthday girl and her class. He smothered her with hugs as soon as he saw her. No one loves Sid as much as her dad and I do. But, this boy sure comes close! ♡


Her passport arrived!!
Just in time for her birthday!!

Such a fun surprise…


Dinner at Red Lobster with family.  Cake.  Presents.

The final surprise of the day for our birthday girl??
A framed print of her favorite bible verse.
She memorized it, years ago, when her worries about school were starting to get the best of her. Since then, the girl who was born on 4/6 has held on tightly to Philippians 4:6. So, when I saw this last month, I knew it needed to belong to her, and it needed to serve as the exclamation point on her special day…


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