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The Truth

April 4, 2017

One of the hardest things about parenthood??
Watching the world try to chip away at your child’s innocence.

Lately, Bryan and I have noticed that there’s a preadolescent girl in our house who’s starting to look at herself in the mirror a little bit longer each day, starting to spend a bit more time picking out her clothes, starting to point out some “flaws” in her appearance, and starting to pay more attention to what others think of her.

The world is starting to tell her lies, and we can see that she is starting to listen.

So, we’ve decided to cover her bathroom mirror with the truth.

The truth about what God thinks of her, and what He sees when He looks at her. Day after day, in words bold and clear, the truth will literally be staring her in the face as she looks into the mirror…right alongside that beautiful reflection of hers.

The world is sending off some pretty strong messages to our girl these days. But, none that are stronger than the truth.

We hope she never forgets that…


#beautifultruths #psalms #proverbs #peter #songofsolomon


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