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God’s Glue

January 1, 2017

It seems like yesterday.  It truly does.

Three years ago on this day, we rang in the new year by saying YES to a very smiley, very sweet, and very sick little boy on the other side of the world.

It turned out to be one of the very best decisions we’ve ever made….despite the fears and uncertainties that accompanied that decision.

What an amazing gift Haven has been to our family.  Oh, how we would have missed out if we had let fear and uncertainty stifle God’s prompting in our life!

As my mom once said, “God pays special attention to adoptions.”

He certainly did in Haven’s case, and in Grace’s case.  I have never seen Him move so clearly, and never experienced Him more deeply than I have throughout both of their adoption journeys.

He paid attention.  From the very beginning, He paid attention.  He calmed our fears.  And He gave us the strength to step into the unknown.

Amy Eldridge, founder of Love Without Boundaries, has this to say in her new book, “The Heart of an Orphan”:  “Adoption isn’t about guarantees.  It’s about love.  Plain and simple.”

When we learned of Haven’s medical condition, we were uneasy.  And we were scared of the unknown.  We wanted some guarantees.  But, we didn’t have them.  However, we pressed on…knowing that God would see us through.  We had no guarantees.  But, we did have love.  Love, plain and simple.  Love for a child we had never met.

Love is what brings families together.

Love is what gets them through tough times.

Love is what sustains them and heals them.

Love is what binds them together.

Love is God’s glue.

It fixes broken pasts, broken stories, and broken hearts.  It gives fathers to the fatherless.  It gives names to the nameless.  It gives hope to the hopeless.

As we step into a new year as a family, remembering the wonderful ways that He has pieced and glued us together across the years, my prayer for us is a simple one.


Pour out your love upon us.  

Please fix what needs fixing.  

Please bind what needs binding.

Please heal what needs healing. 

And, use us, as a family, to pour your love into the lives of others…into a world that so desperately needs more of You.  Fix us, so that we might be equipped to fix.  Bind us, so that we might be equipped to bind.  Heal us, so that we might be equipped to heal.

May all that we do be driven by love for you and for others.



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