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December 9, 2016

Morganne received some sad news last week.

Her best friend, Wrigley, had passed away.

Her grandparents adopted her long before Morganne was born. So, she has been a part of her life since the very beginning.

Over time, going to see Wrigley became the highlight of her weekly trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. They were constant companions. And since she doesn’t have a dog of her own, Wrigley became “her dog”.

Needless to say, her little heart was broken when she heard the news that her friend had passed away. But, this morning, our trusty elves came to the rescue, and brightened her spirits by bringing her an early Christmas gift from Santa.

A new Wrigley to love and care for, in memory of the original Wrigley.

It happens to look an awful lot like her, and has a dog tag that contains a very special message on it for Morganne.

As she listened to Sidney read it to her, her face lit up. Then, she gave her new friend a big, big squeeze. Probably the sweetest thing I’ve seen all week.


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