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Perspective. Attitude. Gratitude.

November 18, 2016

Post-election disappointment?  Sadness?  Fear of the unknown?

Totally understandable.  I get it.

(Dude, I’m still bummed that Ben Carson dropped out of the race, months ago.)

But, divisive language?  Despair?  Riots?  Paralyzing fear?  Empty threats to leave the country?  Claims of being embarrassed to be called an American?

Good grief.

We can’t always choose our circumstances. But, we can choose our attitude. And, we can choose gratitude.

I’ve traveled twice to Communist China. I’ve walked the streets of a nation teeming with people who are truly oppressed. Sure, we have our fair share of flaws, as a nation. But, we are just so fortunate to live here. There are people in other nations who, if given the chance, would trade places with us in an instant. We’re so blessed to be able to call this place our home, warts and all.

Praying that we can keep things in perspective, improve our collective attitude, and focus on gratitude.  Surely those three things could help put our country on the much-needed road to healing.

#perspective #attitude #gratitude


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