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Two Big Wins

November 7, 2016

Big win for the Cubs last week.

Big win for Haven, too.

Last Thursday, he had a routine check-up at Riley with his orthopedic surgeon. She was astounded to see just how much he has grown, progressed, and strengthened over the past 6 months…so much so that it appears he is outgrowing his current set of rods quicker than expected. So, it looks like he will be heading back into surgery next spring to have most (if not all) of the rods in his legs replaced.

As much as I dread putting him through those painful procedures again, I’m so grateful for the rapid, unanticipated progress that is prompting the doctor’s decision to move forward with another set of surgeries. I’m told that this next set of telescoping rods will be a better fit for him, and will be the next step toward improving his quality of life even more. They will expand and grow with him for longer periods of time, which will hopefully result in less frequent surgeries.

Long story short, it appears as though God is not just hearing and answering our prayers for Haven’s health and healing, He’s hearing and answering them in abundance. And He continues to help Haven chalk up one victory after another.


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