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A Lifetime of Memories

October 26, 2016

As a child, I watched countless Cubs games with my Grandpa Steinborn, my dad, and my brothers.  Those games – and that team – were a staple of my childhood.

While most of my friends had crushes on pop stars, I had a crush on Ryne Sandberg.

Being a Cubs fan was synonymous with being a Steinborn.

Bryan also grew up watching Cubs games with his Grandpa, his dad, and his brothers.  He, too, has been an avid Cubs fan from the start.

Last night, he and I finally got to watch our team head to the World Series for the first time in our lives…with our 5 favorite little Cubs fans watching and cheering alongside us (for the first few innings, that is).

I’m thankful that this is finally happening, after all these years.

And I’m thankful for a lifetime of memories watching this team play with those we have loved (and lost) through the years.

Sure wish our grandpas were here to watch this series unfold.  But, I bet they have a pretty awesome view of it from where they’re at. ♥


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