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the least.

October 25, 2016


“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” ~ Ghandi


I watch the debates.

I occasionally digest political commentary.

I try to catch some of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

I read and scan through the emotionally-charged (and sometimes entertaining) political posts from friends, family, and acquaintances that fill my Facebook news feed.

I try to stay as informed as a busy mother of five can be when election time rolls around.  But, I am cautious to voice my opinions when it comes to politics.  Things can get really nasty when politics are discussed.  I know how easy it is to be hurt and to hurt others when the subject of politics arises. So, I often find myself shying away from discussing political matters.  But, I do have opinions.

Today, I simply want to share a few of them on here.

This post isn’t meant to offend.

Rather, it is meant to defend.

To defend my position as it stands right now.  To defend those out there who share my position.  To defend those who, like me, have grown weary of hearing others mock our position.

And – ultimately – to defend the voiceless.

Put simply, these words today are intended to explain where my heart is during this election season, as well as the hearts of many other pro-life advocates across this country.  It isn’t written solely in an attempt to persuade hearts and minds.  It’s written also in an attempt to soften some of the blows from pro-choice advocates.  It is written to (hopefully) curb some of the unkind comments that are made toward those of us who are simply trying to stand up for unborn children.  And it is written as an encouragement to my fellow pro-life advocates out there…ensuring them that they are not alone.

We all have our own personal decision-making processes leading up to election day.  Some vote strictly Republican.  Some vote strictly Democrat.  Some veer away from the two-party system and seek out a Libertarian candidate.  Some vote for whom their parent, pastor, or other authoritative figure encourages them to…without doing any in-depth research of their own.  Some base their votes on a particular candidate’s race, gender, or religion.  Some take online questionnaires that will generate the names of the candidates for whom they should vote.  And some have reached the decision that a trip to the polls is pointless because they don’t feel comfortable casting votes for the lesser of two evils in any given race.

My decision-making process leading up to election day isn’t necessarily an agonizing one.  It isn’t incredibly complex.  As I walk into my designated polling place, I usually do so with the belief that I have one job to do, above all others.  As I scan through the names of candidates running for various positions of power, I feel as though it is my job to speak up for the last – the least – the littlest members of our society.  And I ask myself, “If they could vote, for whom would they vote?”

They have no voice.  They are completely vulnerable.  They are naked.  They are helpless.  They are poor.  They are powerless.  They are the weakest of the weak.  They are the unborn.

I have heard the beautiful, rhythmic sound of their heartbeats as they grew within me.

I have felt their incredible twists and turns inside of me.

I have watched in amazement as they have stretched and kicked inside of my womb….shifting my entire midsection from side to side.

I have been in awe at the soft, subtle, continual pulses in my stomach – indicating that they have the hiccups.

I have seen their beautiful bodies onscreen in dark, silent ultrasound rooms – completely in awe of the sacred gift inside of me.

I have been blown away by the fact that their little lives depended on me for housing, for nourishment, for protection.

I have prayed and prayed and prayed for them.

I have experienced the incredible miracle of their births.

I have been overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing them for the first time.

I have held them close, relishing the privilege of nursing them and providing them with nourishment throughout their infancy.

I have fed them their first tastes of solid food.

I have heard them say their first words.

I have watched them take their first steps.

I have rocked them to sleep.

I have sung to them.

I have read them bedtime stories.

I have felt their goodnight kisses.

I have watched them blow out their birthday candles.

I have helped them learn how to ride their bikes.

I have watched them learn how to read.

I have watched them walk into school buildings on their first days of kindergarten.

I have watched them thrive and excel in the classroom.

I have watched them discover and develop their God-given talents and abilities.

I have watched them, in wonder, as they bloom and grow right before my eyes.

I have watched them make my life – and this world – a better place.

And – I have had the unmatched joy of loving (and being loved by) them.


“The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.” ~D. Bonhoeffer


For those reasons and more, on November 8th, I will speak for the unborn.  For they are not unlike those three precious souls that once lived and breathed and grew inside of me.  Those three precious souls who now live and breath and grow outside of me.  My Sidney.  My Jackson.  My Morganne.

On November 8th, I will seek, as I always do, to give unborn children – our weakest and most vulnerable citizens – a voice.  I will do so because I believe the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (promised to us in the Declaration of Independence) is a promise that should belong to them as well.


“Unless and until it can be proven that the unborn child is not a living entity, then its right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness must be protected.” ~R. Reagan


Next month, our nation will decide which duo they want to lead this country.  Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  Or, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

I have looked over Hillary Clinton’s cringe-worthy pro-choice resume.  I have heard her reassure the American people that she has every intention of taking our tax dollars and pumping them into organizations that perform abortions.  I have read and I have heard things that she has said in regard to this issue.  I have seen her stand behind Planned Parenthood podiums and speak of a woman’s right to terminate her child in a celebratory tone…as if the right to an abortion is just another notch that we, as females, get to proudly put into our women’s equality belts.  As a woman, as a mother of three daughters, and as someone who cares deeply about women’s rights, I can honestly say that it’s a notch I wish I didn’t have in my belt.  It’s a notch that I cover up in shame.

Sadly, in recent years, it seems that the general consensus of the Democratic Party is simply this:  unborn children aren’t children at all…unless/until they are wanted.  If they happen to be unwanted, they simple become a choice.

Not long ago, after the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood officials discussing the harvesting and pricing of aborted baby body parts were released, Hillary Clinton stood firm in support of the abortion provider. She has made it clear that she is proud to stand with an organization that performs over 300,000 abortions per years.

She is proud.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has been quoted as saying that he wants to de-fund Planned Parenthood.  He wants to stop sending American tax payers’ money toward the abortion giant.  He, like myself, would fully support Planned Parenthood as a women’s health organization if they removed abortion procedures from their list of “services”.

I have looked over Donald Trump’s current stance on the abortion issue.  He and his running mate, Mike Pence, are the only pro-life candidates on the presidential ballot this year.  Years ago, Trump was 100% pro-choice.  But, he has since claimed that his views have changed.  He made it quite clear during the debate last week that he believes there is no room for partial-birth abortion in this country.  (While Hillary believes that there is.)  Have his views on this issue changed for political gain?  Maybe.  (Lord knows that some of Hillary’s views have changed over the years.  Most likely for political gain as well.)  But, regardless of whether or not he has had a complete change of heart on this issue is irrelevant.  What matters is whether or not he will take action to try to protect the unborn.

Mike Pence, his running mate, has been unwavering in his pro-life stance throughout his political career.  He is also an outspoken supporter of adoption, as an alternative to abortion.  As an adoptive mother of two children from China, I love that he recognizes the beauty of adoption.  And I love that, as governor of Indiana, he has fought to implement policies that were intended to protect our most vulnerable citizens.  Most recently, he fought to implement restrictions on abortions in Indiana that would curb women from having abortions when ultrasounds reveal an unfavorable medical condition, disability, deformity, birth defect, etc.  As the mother of a child with Brittle Bone Disease, a serious congenital disease, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that Pence is out there trying to protect children like my son, Haven.  Haven is an AMAZING child.  What a incredible shame it would have been if his birth mother had ended his life upon discovering he had multiple fractures in the womb and was afflicted with an incurable disease.  What an incredible shame.  If she had, this world would be missing out.  Big time.  Haven’s light shines SO brightly, despite his disease/disability.

Hillary Clinton wants to ensure a woman’s right to abort a child like Haven.  She wants to protect the right to an abortion in case something terrible is discovered during a pregnancy (as she mentioned during the debate last week).

I would love her to know that when I look at my son, Haven, I see something terribly RIGHT.  Not terribly wrong.  He is one of the most amazing children I’ve ever met.  People fall madly in love with him wherever he goes.  He makes new friends daily.  He is joy incarnate.  And I can’t imagine my life without him.  I thank God that his Chinese mother gave him a chance at life…even though she knew she couldn’t be there to watch him live it.  As a result of that gift, Haven has touched the lives of so many.  He has taken the gift of life that was handed to him and paid it forward a thousand times over, by enriching the lives of those around him.

Can you recall how Donald Trump was condemned for supposedly mocking a disabled individual at one point during his campaign?  Yeah, me, too.  There was much public outrage, and he was raked over the coals.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton clamors to protect a woman’s right to kill her unborn child if she happens to discover a disability, disease, or defect in utero.  But, there is very little public outrage over that.  No one is raking her over the coals.

Mocking the disabled, or ensuring the right to kill the disabled?  Both are egregious, but which is worse?   Chew on that one for a little bit.

Haven, our “disabled” son, is a living, breathing example of how beautiful adoption – as opposed to abortion – can be.  And so is my daughter, Grace.  She, too, entered our family through the miracle of adoption.  In a country where abortion is readily available – and often times encouraged – two Chinese women carried their children to term and gave birth to them.  Needless to say, this world has benefited immeasurably from the gift of life that those two young Chinese women gave to Grace and to Haven.

How beautiful adoption – instead of abortion – can be.  How beautiful.


I have many close friends and other family members whose lives have been transformed by the miracle of adoption.  And each adoption story has a unique beauty of its own.  I never tire of hearing those stories.

Abortion, on the other hand, is far from beautiful.  Far from it.  I have seen images of aborted children before, and I can honestly say that I have seen very few things in this life that are more disturbing than those images.


“I got to where I couldn’t stand to look at the little bodies anymore” ~Dr. Beverly McMillan (when asked why she stopped performing abortions)


All that being said, I DO realize that the supreme court holds much of the power when it comes to abortion legislation in this country.  Electing a pro-life president and vice president certainly doesn’t automatically solve the abortion problem.  It won’t stop all abortions from occurring.  I know that.  But, to say that a president can’t make a real difference in the fight against abortion simply isn’t true.

While Trump and Pence may not have the power to overturn Roe v. Wade themselves, they would have the power to appoint supreme court justices who are pro-life.  And that, as we all know, could make a profound impact on abortion legislation in this country.

In this 2016 presidential race where we, as Americans, are being forced to choose between a Grade A Criminal and a Grade A Jerk, we must start to pick each of the candidates apart, and look into what issues might tip the scales for us.

For me, one of those issues is abortion.

Is it the only issue I care about?  Certainly not.  I recognize that being pro-life isn’t just about being anti-abortion, it’s also about supporting life at all stages.

Why abortion, though?  Why should I get my panties in a wad over that particular issue?  Isn’t it a secondary matter?

Not in my book.

In my book, it’s a matter of life and death.

Any nation that claims to be humane must have a government that is willing to protect the unborn to some extent.  If not, we don’t have any moral authority over anything, and we don’t fully grasp the sacredness and the sanctity of life.

Social justice begins in the womb.  Plain and simple.

(And – yes – Rachel Held Evans, Christian critic extraordinaire, I realize that being pro-life isn’t just about opposing abortion.  It’s about being pro-life in every sense of the word.  I assure you, I get it.  And so do the many, many others out there who are fighting for the unborn.  We get it.  With all due respect, please take your criticism and condemnation elsewhere.)  


“Abortion can kill twice. It kills the body of the baby and it can kill the conscience of the mother. Abortion is profoundly anti-women.” ~ Mother Teresa


I realize that my approach to election day may seem simplistic.  It may seem as though I am over-simplifying a very complex issue by pulling out my black and white crayons instead of my gray ones.

But, the fact is, it’s the only approach with which I am comfortable.  It’s the only approach that gives me peace on election night.  It’s an approach for which I refuse to apologize.  It’s the only approach that allows me to, in some small way, give a voice to the voiceless.

I do what little I can to give them a voice.

I can pray for them.  I can author blog posts, like this one, on their behalf.  I can support my local Crisis Pregnancy Center (the wonderful alternative to Planned Parenthood).  I can make financial contributions to Indiana Right-to-Life, and other similar organizations.  I can be an outspoken adoption advocate.  And I can cast pro-life votes on election day.  As of now, those are the only ways I know how to help.  I realize that those things seem very small in the grand scheme of things.  But, I hold tightly to the belief that doing something is far better than doing nothing.


“I am not a one-issue voter in the sense that indicates I am an ignorant fundamentalist who only cares about one thing. I believe in protecting the environment. I believe in caring for the poor, the orphan, the widow in her distress. These are some of the so-called “issues” that many of us use to justify voting for pro-choice candidates. But, how can we possibly claim it is love for the poor and the helpless that motivates us to vote for such candidates when they are committed to allowing the most helpless among us to be killed?”  ~Joseph Bayly


The greatest opposition to the pro-life movement comes from feminists.  Many (but, not all) of them will suggest that if you oppose the right for a woman to have an abortion, then you are insensitive and out of touch.  If you’re a male and you voice your pro-life opinions, you’d better watch out.  Brace yourself for some fiery comments and accusations of misogyny.  By standing up for the unborn, regardless of whether you are male or female, they will most likely claim that you care nothing about women’s rights.

I care deeply about women’s rights.  How could I not?   I’m a woman.  And I am raising three daughters.  Furthermore, I was raised by a woman who is no wilting flower.  She has clearly shown me, through her words and her actions over the years, that women’s rights are very important.  She is strong and independent.  She taught me from the get-go that girls could do anything that boys could.  She refused to buy me Barbie dolls (I still give her a hard time about that) because she didn’t like the body image that those dolls convey to young girls.  She is wickedly smart.  She taught me not to be afraid to speak my mind.  She is very well-read.  She strongly encouraged me to go on to college, and to excel in my school work.  She is – seriously – more handy than most men I know.  She isn’t afraid – and has never been afraid – to do the dirty work.  She can build.  She can lead.  She can direct.  She can teach.  She can oversee.  She was my first and most influential example of womanhood.  She played a huge role in shaping my worldview.  She cares very much about women’s rights.  She is not pro-choice.  She is pro-life.  And, from what she has told me, the votes she casts at the polls usually reflect that.

I mention that to simply suggest the idea that opposing the destruction of human life, via an abortion procedure, doesn’t mean that you don’t care about women’s rights.

In my opinion, abortion shouldn’t even be labeled as a women’s rights issue at all.  Rather, it’s a human rights issues.  It’s an issue that is all about the right to life – a right which was promised to each of us in the Declaration of Independence.  A right that is endowed to us by our Loving Creator.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” ~The Declaration of Independence


Many of today’s feminists seem to overlook the fact that some of the most prominent early crusaders and founding mothers of women’s rights in this country were pro-life.

Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Elizabeth Blackwell were among them.  My guess is that you have probably heard all three of those names before.  If not, be sure to look them up today.  Impressive women, to say the least.


“Sweeter even than to have had the joy of caring for children of my own has it been to me to help bring about a better state of things for mothers generally, so that their unborn little ones could not be willed away from them.” ~Susan B. Anthony

“When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit.” ~Elizabeth Cady Stanton

“The gross perversion and destruction of motherhood by the abortionist filled me with indignation, and awakened active antagonism. That the honorable term ‘female physician’ should be exclusively applied to those women who carried on this shocking trade seemed to me a horror. It was an utter degradation of what might and should become a noble position for women.”  ~Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell 


How is it that abortion is described as being in place to “protect women” when half of all of the aborted babies in this country are girls?  Females?  Future women?

What about the rights of those unborn women?

I simply don’t understand.

The last time I checked, 50% of all abortion victims are girls.  Future women.  Until that statistic changes to 0%, I will not, and cannot, listen to the argument which claims that abortion is a women’s rights issue.


“I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child…a direct killing of the innocent child.” ~Mother Teresa


Will the results of the 2016 local, state, and federal elections solve the abortion epidemic in our country?  Certainly not.  Abortion is, first and foremost, a heart issue.  Not a political issue.  But, I do believe that the politicians representing us do have some limited power to make some positive changes and implement laws in an effort to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

I hope and I pray that they will.


“Any society, any nation, should be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members — the last, the littlest, the least.” ~R. Mahony


Approximately 1,000,000 babies are legally aborted in this country each year.

Approximately 1,000,000 heartbeats are willingly and legally stopped.

Compare that number to the number of votes I get to cast on election day.


Just one.

I realize that it is just a drop in the bucket.

But, doggone it, it is something.

It is.

It is the least that I can do…for the last, the littlest, the least. ♥


Truly, I say to you, whatever you have done to the overlooked, to the ignored, to the least of those among us, you have also done to me.”

~Jesus Christ~




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  1. October 25, 2016 4:30 am

    I agree whole heartedly. Thank you for sharing the truth!

  2. Linda Hicks permalink
    October 25, 2016 1:47 pm

    So very well said, just what is in my heart. God help us. You have such an amazing testimony and gift. Keep writing. God bless you and your family.

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