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Anything is possible.

September 21, 2016


One year.

That’s how long she’s been playing softball.

In just one year, she’s gone from crying tears of frustration in our backyard because she just couldn’t get her hands and her mitt to do what her mind was telling them to do, to becoming the tough/confident player that she is now. One year ago, she was still just trying to get a grip on the game (literally). And this past weekend, she played in her first tournament as a new member of the Indy Rebels travel team.

When she asked us last fall if she could start playing softball like her big sister, we honestly had no idea what to expect. We had no idea what her potential would be in a sport that relies so heavily on the use of both hands. Little did we know that, in just a year’s time, she would become the player that she is now. Little did we know that she would work so hard, and improve so much, that she would earn a spot on the Plainfield all-star team, catch the eye of a local travel team coach, receive an invitation to attend try-outs for that team, and get an exciting phone call from that coach…informing her that she had become an Indy Rebel.

I share this today, not just because she makes her mommy and daddy very proud. I share this because she is proof that anything is possible – if you are determined to make it happen. I share this because there might be someone out there who needs to be inspired by Gracie’s journey over this past year. Take the risk. Set a goal. Be determined. Don’t make excuses. Believe that anything is possible. And make it happen. Gracie did, and so can you.


(CHAMPS!!!  Undefeated in their first tournament.  4-0.)


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