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The streak has ended.

September 12, 2016

And so it begins.

Brittle Bone Disease affects every bone in the body.  Including teeth.  So, in addition to frequent fractures, our sweet boy will probably encounter many dental issues throughout his life.

Up until last week, we’ve managed to keep him completely cavity-free. But, that streak has now ended. He had to have his first two cavities filled last Wednesday. Not surprisingly, he handled it like a champ. So brave. So cooperative. So cheerful. So impressive for his age, according to the dental staff that worked with him.

Life isn’t fair. It isn’t fair that Haven has to endure so much more than other children do. And I hate that.

But, doggone it, this kid knows how to be happy in all circumstances. He rarely complains. He rolls with the punches that continue to come his way.

What a great example he has been, and continues to be. As someone who gets to have a front row seat in his life, I’m thankful for his example. I’m thankful for all he has taught me. And I’m thankful that, sometimes, our biggest heroes come to us in the smallest, most unexpected packages. ♡


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