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July 25, 2016


So, this needs to be said.

I’m the proud/protective mother of two beautiful Chinese children who don’t share the same race as me (two children who I – literally – traveled to the ends of the earth to find and claim as my own).  And I’m the proud/protective aunt of a beautiful nephew who is biracial.

I love the three of them with all of my heart.

I love them fiercely.

That goes without saying.

But, I do need to say this:

Despite what some voices would like you to believe right now, I’m here to say that if I cast my vote for Trump in the upcoming election, that does not somehow automatically mean that I’m a close-minded racist (among other things). That’s a ridiculous assumption. And a pretty hurtful one.

When you’re presented with two lemons in an election, you try to make lemonade.

There’s a good chance that I will choose to make lemonade by voting for Trump in November.

Not because I’m a big fan of his. (Because I’m not!)

Not because he was my first choice. (Because he wasn’t! Not even close.)

However, by my estimation, a Trump/Pence ticket seems to be the best option available. That’s all there is to it. (Mainly because Hillary has made it abundantly clear that she will not make any effort to protect the most vulnerable members of our society – the unborn. I firmly believe social justice begins in the womb, and that a society’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest/most vulnerable members. Hillary does not share that same belief.)

I know for a fact that there are MANY fine folks out there who find themselves in the same boat as me this election season.

So, maybe we can do without the unjust labeling.

Maybe we can think twice before quickly pulling out the race card.

Maybe we can think twice before placing labels on those who are simply trying to prayerfully fulfill their civic duty and make some lemonade this election season.


Can we?


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