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A little child will lead them…

July 12, 2016


Sometimes, children are the best teachers. I truly believe that.

On Sunday night, I had to leave Sidney’s championship game early due to a prior commitment. Because of that, I asked Bryan to give me a play-by-play later that night before bed to hear what I had missed. Before getting into any softball stats, he said that he had something really special to share with me.

He proceeded to tell me that a player from the opposing team collapsed on the field shortly after I had left. Dehydration was to blame. The paramedics came to tend to her on the field, and eventually loaded her up in an ambulance as the crowd looked on. This resulted in about a half hour delay.

At one point during the delay, one of Sidney’s coaches came over to Bryan and told him to come to the dugout. Bryan walked in to find that Sid was visibly shaken. Genuinely crying and genuinely worried about her opponent. After talking to her and making sure that she had calmed down, he left the dugout.

Once the game had ended, Sidney’s coach approached Bryan again. He told him that shortly after he had left the dugout, Sidney started praying for the girl. He said he could tell that she was truly upset because of what had happened, and that he was impressed with her.

As Bryan relayed this story to me, he was pretty misty-eyed. And I was, too. Knowing Sidney as well as we do, we weren’t surprised by her actions. God has given her such a compassionate heart, and it’s one of the things we love most about her.

Sidney played some great softball these past few days, but her reaction to watching her opponent fall was what made Bryan and I most proud. By far.

Needless to say, last week was a cruddy week for this country. So much tragedy. So much heartache. So much mud-slinging. So much accusation. So much opposition. I think Sidney’s lesson to us all last night, through her words and actions, is simply this:

Be compassionate toward those who are opposing you.  Care for the opponents in your life.  In doing so, you may come to find out that they were never really an opponent to begin with.

And if they happen to fall?  



“And a little child will lead them all.” (Isaiah 11:6)

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