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An Unwasted Vote

May 4, 2016

I scanned through the names of the presidential candidates in my voting booth yesterday morning.

Not one of the names excited me.

Sadly, all of the names that DID excite me dropped out of the race, long ago.

But, I voted anyway.  I voted for someone I didn’t necessarily like…but who I consider to be the best candidate remaining.

Why do that?

Why put forth the effort, when my heart won’t allow me to stand firmly behind any of the candidates?


Because there are so many people across the world who have ZERO say in their government.  People like Haven and Grace’s birth families in China, for instance.  They don’t really have a say at all.

But, I do.

They aren’t the proud owners of voting rights and a wealth of other freedoms.

But, I am.

So, despite my lack of excitement in that booth this morning, I cast my vote.  With Haven and Grace’s birth families in mind, I took hold of the privilege to press firmly on that large, red button once my selections had been made.  With them in mind, I let my tiny voice be heard…



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