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Thirty Years Ago

March 12, 2016

Thirty years ago, my parents took me to a small local theater to see the movie “Hoosiers” for the first time. (Quite possibly THE greatest sports movie of all-time.)

Last night, I had the opportunity to take my daughter to a small local theater so that SHE could see it for the first time.

High five to Danville’s Royal Theater for making this special night possible! ♥


(Yes, I could watch that movie a thousand times and not get tired of it.  Yes, I teared up a bit when the opening music began.  Yes, we ate way too much popcorn and drank too much Diet Coke.  Yes, the theater was full of Hoosiers fans – young and old.  Yes, there were many children in attendance who – like Sidney – were watching it for the first time.  Yes, the audience applauded and cheered loudly at the end when Jimmy hit that shot…including myself and Sidney.  Yes, I had forgotten how that movie leaves you feeling as though anything is possible.  Yes, I will treasure the memories that were made last night for years to come.)

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