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Core Memories

January 3, 2016

What you see here is the most special gift that I received this Christmas. And it’s further proof that my husband is a softie at heart, despite what he likes to lead others to believe : )

With Sidney’s help, he purchased, painted, and glittered these 6 clear spheres in the days leading up to Christmas – without my knowledge. (Bryan + Glitter?  Shocking, I know.)

His goal?

To turn them into golden core memory spheres…like the ones featured in the movie “Inside Out”. He knows how much I love that movie, and how it brings tears to my eyes – each and every time I watch it. So, he tried to re-create the spheres from that movie…each one holding a very special core memory from my life.

My wedding day, Sidney’s birth, Jackson’s birth, Morganne’s birth, Grace’s Gotcha Day, and Haven’s Gotcha Day.

Right now, I have my collection of core memories displayed proudly on my kitchen window sill. Daily, I see them and am reminded of the beautiful moments depicted inside of them…and reminded that I am truly blessed to have a thoughtful, loving, surprisingly creative husband to share my life with ♥


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