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Drink & Dive

January 1, 2016


I’ve never been one to make a huge list of New Year’s resolutions.

But, I do try to spend some time reflecting at the end of each year…taking inventory…and seeking out simple ways to try to improve my life and the lives of those around me in the year to come.

At the cusp of each new year, I rarely find myself seeking to give up something.  However,  I do find myself seeking to take on something.

Yesterday, as I took a few moments to consider what might be beneficial for me to take on throughout the upcoming year, I came up with a simple motto for the year ahead.  Something catchy that will hopefully stick with me throughout 2016.

Drink & Dive.

Those two words represent the two small endeavors that I would like to take on throughout the year ahead.  One of the endeavors is intended for enrichment in the physical realm.  The other endeavor is intended for enrichment in the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.


Drink. More. Water.

It’s the simplest thing ever to take on, really.  So simple.  Not a lofty goal at all.  I know.  But, it’s something that I can feasibly take on throughout the coming year, and should prove to be beneficial to my energy level and overall health.

I always carry a bottle of water around with me.  I sip throughout the day.  But, I know that my consumption isn’t where it should be.  So, I’m going to aim to get it right this year.  Hopefully, by year’s end, chugging my way through a half gallon of water each day will have become second nature.


Dive into reading.

Goodness, it’s so hard for me to make time to read these days.  With five little ones to care for, curling up with a good book is often the last thing on my mind.  But, in 2016, I’m hoping to carve out more time to do just that.

Since my free time – my “me time” – is very limited these days, I have no intention of diving into books that don’t have great promise.  I have no intention of diving into reading as a form of time-wasting.  I want every book – every page – I read to matter.  I want to read materials of great substance.

I already have two books that I’ve begun to dive into for this year.  “Shoeless Joe” (W.P. Kinsella) & “Red Azalea” (Anchee Min).  I’m looking forward to making my way through both of them.

I also have a fantastic devotional book that I dove into this past fall entitled, “Women of the Bible”.  It’s a book that focuses on fifty-two remarkable women in Scripture – women whose struggles to live with faith and courage are not unlike my own.  I’m absolutely loving it.  Already, I’ve learned so much.  Already, I’ve been greatly encouraged by the stories and the examples of the women highlighted throughout the book.  God acted in surprising and wonderful ways to draw them to Himself.  And, in reading through their stories, I’m able to see the surprising and wonderful ways that He is drawing me to Him as well.  It’s a 432-page devotional.  So, it’s jam-packed with story after story.  Life lesson after life lesson.  I would highly recommend it to all of my fellow girlfriends out there!  There is so much to be learned from the women who are highlighted throughout the bible.  So much to be learned from their triumphs.  So much to be learned from their failures.  I’ve been deeply blessed by this devotional so far, and I hope to be able to spend much more time gleaning from it in the months to come.

Last, but not least, I hope to dive into the Word more regularly.  I am finding that I need those life-giving words found in the bible more and more each day.  In my younger days, I spent a solid half-hour reading through it each night before bed.  Slowly, over time, I have fallen away from that routine.  My time spent in the Word has become sporadic.  I need to be more intentional.  I need to regularly drink in those life-giving words to satisfy my thirsty soul.

Drink & Dive.

That is my motto for 2016.

What is yours?  If you don’t have one.  I would encourage you to jot down a few ideas today.  Come up with something simple – something catchy – that you can carry with you this year.  Jot down a couple of endeavors that you could take on this year.   Endeavors that have the potential to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

Friends, I wish each and every one of you a very blessed and joyful new year.

Let’s make this a good one!


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