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A Thousand Shreds

December 25, 2015

We always hang a stocking for Jesus in our home each Christmas season. Each year, on Christmas Eve, we ask the kids to pull out a piece of paper and write (or draw) something kind that they have done for someone else. That kind deed is the gift that they give to Jesus for His birthday.

This year, we decided to do something different. We decided to ask them to write (or draw) something bad that they have done. Something that they wish they wouldn’t have done. Something that they wish they could erase. That bad deed is what they will give to Jesus this year. They will place it into His stocking, acknowledging that He is the only One who can erase it.

Then, on Christmas morning, we will ask them to pull out their pieces of paper, rip them up, and throw them into the trash…symbolizing the beauty of forgiveness…made possible by the One whose birthday they are celebrating.

After all, He WANTS their sins, their mistakes, and their failures to be handed over to Him. He wants mine. He wants yours. And, when we hand them over, He will lovingly rip them into a thousand shreds!

What a gift!

Thank you, Jesus.


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