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Sleep In Heavenly Peace

December 8, 2015

On our way home from a birthday party last weekend, I felt compelled to do something I’d never done before.  I pulled my van into the dark and empty parking lot of our local Planned Parenthood office.

Sidney was with me.

The two of us just sat there together in the silence.

In the darkness.

We prayed for God’s protection over the unborn babies who enter through their doors.  We prayed for the hearts and minds of the women who walk into that place, and feel as if abortion is their only option.  We spent several minutes simply covering that place in prayer.

Then, just as I began to back out of our parking spot, Sidney stopped me.  She said she had one more thing to say.  So, I stopped.  And she proceeded to pray for the babies who go into that building, but never come back out…and that they would “have a really good time with Jesus in heaven”. It choked me up so badly, I could hardly see the road as we pulled out of the parking lot.

Amen, Sid.  Amen.

May they sleep in heavenly peace ♥

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