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A Forever Shelter

September 7, 2015

On Friday evening, we attended a memorial service for Bryan’s 54-year-old uncle.

It was a very emotional service, to say the least. Thankfully, I had remembered to bring a packet of tissues along with me. Seeing photos of Dan on the big screen, and listening to the touching stories that people shared about him made the tears flow freely.  We truly ache for his wife and three children as they mourn the loss of a man who was so devoted to his family.

How we wish that there was some way for us to help bind up all of their wounds.  But, we are confident that God will take care of that over time.

Time and again during the memorial service, it was mentioned that Dan’s door was always open. He welcomed. He invited. With very few words, he quietly accepted others into his home with open arms. And hospitality was one of his greatest gifts.

We have no doubt that his Savior had the door wide open for him when he left the earth. He welcomed Dan. He invited him. He accepted him into His eternal home with open arms, just as Dan had done for others throughout his life here on earth.

Years ago, Dan had accepted Jesus as his Savior.  He made him Lord of his life.  His trust was in Him.

How thankful we are for that.

As a tribute to Dan, we gave his wife and each of his three kids a canvas.  We placed the image that you see below onto those canvases.  

Our hope for them is that each time they look at this image of Dan standing in the doorway that they will be comforted by the fact that he is now safe and sound within an eternal, unshakable shelter.

May we ALL strive to be a little more hospitable in our lives, in tribute to Dan and the hospitable life that he lived.


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  1. Pauline Rhine permalink
    September 7, 2015 8:37 pm

    What a neat tribute. You are so thoughtful. Went to see “War Room”. Took niece Susan. Went for lunch at Olive Garden too. A great movie. Love you — grandma

    Sent from Pauline’s iPad


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