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The Small Victories

July 26, 2015

There have been times when the thought of going swimming was a bit too much for this dude.

Playing AROUND pool was much more desirable than jumping IN with his siblings.

The feeling of water being splashed into his face, the whirlwind of activity around him, the sensation of weightlessness, the smell of the chlorine, the uncertainty associated with submerging his head underwater.

All of it.

Sensory overload, for sure.

Anxiety inducing, for sure.

But, this summer, I’m telling you…the kid has made huge strides and hasn’t once hesitated to head into the pool for a swim. He now jumps off the deck into the pool, dunks his head underwater, and is in the beginning stages of learning how to swim across the pool.

Yes, I know…those things come pretty easily for most 7-year-old boys. But, through no fault of his own, they haven’t for Jackson. He continues to grow and to conquer his fears…little by little, bit by bit.

They’re small victories, but victories nonetheless.

We’ll take ‘em.


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