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Lucky 7

June 13, 2015

Yesterday, we celebrated a very special birthday in our family.  Seven years ago, a beautiful soul entered into the world.

One of my best buddies.

One of my greatest teachers.

The boy who makes all my troubles fade away each time he calls me his “best girl”.

Jackson Carlyle.


He started his special day with a surprise from Daddy.

A mountain of donuts.

His favorite kind of donuts!


I took him for an early lunch to Chicago’s Pizza, his favorite restaurant!

After lunch, I presented the 7-year-old birthday boy with 7 gifts.

(See?!?!  Having a mommy with OCD definitely has its advantages, from time to time!)

He loved them…


The grand finale to his special day was a trip to the movie theater.  AFTER BEDTIME.  <gasp!!!>

He is a dinosaur fanatic!  So, when he learned that “Jurassic World” was going to hit theaters on his birthday, he was so happy! (Thanks, Steven Spielberg. Perfect timing.)

With dino shirt on, dino birthday cake devoured and digested, and dino figurines in hand….we took our birthday boy on a special movie date.

It was an intense movie.  But, he loved it!  He has seen Jurassic Park I.  So, when he asked us to see this movie, we were hoping that he would be able to handle it.  Out of all of our children, he is the best at being able to separate fiction from reality. Sidney, Grace, Morganne, and Haven would not be able to handle a movie like this.  And I wouldn’t dare take them to see it.  But, we know Jackson.  We have a pretty good grasp on what he can/can’t handle when it comes to movies.  So, we allowed him to go see this.  Thankfully, he did really well.  I covered his eyes during the moments when it was obvious that peril was inevitable : )  And I covered his ears several times as well, because it was just so darn loud at certain points.

He has talked about the movie all day!  He loved the big T-Rex vs. Indominus Rex battle most of all.

Love our little dinosaur-lover…


In the days leading up to his birthday, I pulled up some old photos of him and reminisced.  What fun we’ve had over the years at his birthday parties!

This photo was taken at his 1st birthday party

Look at that face. I just want to squeeze him!

Next month, we will celebrate his 7th birthday with an “I SPY” party.

We’re looking forward to having great fun, and making more great memories with this special, special boy…


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