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Gifted Hands

June 5, 2015

We had a GREAT post-op visit with Haven’s surgeon yesterday!

The x-rays showed a lot of new bone forming around the osteotomies, and gave us a clear view of what’s now going on inside of Haven’s new and improved legs.

Truly amazing.

As I sat there looking through the x-ray films, I was thinking about how we seem to be bombarded these days with messages about the power of natural remedies and the healing sources that God has created in nature for us to tap into and to use whenever possible, in lieu of modern medicine. And that modern medicine should be our last resort. To a certain degree, I guess I can go along with that. But, I am a firm believer that sometimes the greatest source of healing that God has created for us to tap into comes through the hands and the minds of God’s crowning achievement in creation.


People like Haven’s surgeon, who has performed something that is nothing short of miraculous inside of his brittle legs.

If God created an aloe vera plant to help heal sunburns, is it so far-fetched to believe that He created the human mind to come up with medicines, treatments, and procedures to heal, help, relieve, and restore? Yes, healing can sometimes be found through sources that God has created for us in nature. But, it can also be found through the gifted hands and gifted minds that God has created.

Yesterday, once again, I found myself feeling very grateful for the gift of modern medicine, for the God who has given it to us, and for what it has done (and continues to do) for our sweet little boy.


Why the big smile?!?!

His is now cast-free. He enjoyed his first bath in three weeks. His mommy gave him a fresh, new haircut. And he got to show off his guns in his brand new Captain America tank top : )

Feelin’ like a new man…


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