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7 Observations

May 8, 2015

His cast came off today.

Our observations???

1) His left leg appears to be about 1/2”-1” longer than his right one, which is great!

2) The incisions are much bigger than we thought they were going to be. Ugh. Not so great.

3) It was so nice to get him back into the bathtub again tonight. He was one happy dude as he splashed around in there!

4) We’d forgotten just how easy it is to change a diaper on a cast-free child : )

5) It pains us to think that we have to start this whole process over again next week on his other leg.

6) His disease is continuing to push us into deeper levels of patience and trust.

7) We’ve concluded that all we can do (as far as his treatment plan goes), is keep advocating/pushing for the best, and let God do the rest…


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