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The Nightingale

April 27, 2015

Last week, I sent a package to the Chinese woman who led the search for Haven’s birth family this past winter.  I wanted to send her a few small gifts as a token of our gratitude for all that she was able to uncover for us during the search.  I ended up deciding to send her a copy of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Nightingale”.  It’s a classic Chinese-themed children’s story with a timeless message about the danger of materialism. Great story. Great message.

In addition to the book, I found a charming little nightingale photo holder and a nightingale memo pad to give to her.

It was a very simple gesture.  But, I’m hoping that she will appreciate it.  We certainly appreciate all that she has done for us, and for Haven!

In the package, I also included a few more gifts for the man who she believes to be Haven’s birth father, and a DNA kit so that she can perform a test upon him this summer when she re-visits Guizhou.

The saga continues, and I will continue to provide updates as I receive them!  But, even if we don’t receive one tiny morsel of additional information about Haven’s beginning, we rejoice in what we now have.  It’s so much more than what we had a few months ago.  And, for that, we are thankful.

On another note, in just a few days, the same search team who performed Haven’s birth family search will be performing one for Gracie’s birth family as well.  They will head into Wuhan City on April 30th, and remain there for a few days….looking for any/all information they can find about Grace’s beginning.

We sure would love to have this search covered in prayer – just as Haven’s search was.  Please join us as we fervently lift this search up to the One who already knows every single detail of Grace’s story.  Our prayer is that He would reveal some of those details to the search team in the days ahead so that some of Grace’s questions (and some of our questions) can be answered.

May this search prove to be as fruitful – if not more fruitful – than the search for Haven’s birth family.

May Grace’s tender heart be lifted, filled, and protected…regardless of what the search does or does not yield.

May this search bring her – and us – to a new level of peace and and a new level of understanding about her past.

May Grace be blessed, and may God be glorified through it all.


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