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The First Tulip

April 20, 2015

As we pulled into our driveway on Friday afternoon after spending three long days at the hospital, I noticed one little speck of color by our front porch.

Apparently, while Haven was hospitalized, one of our tulips began to bloom.

Underneath the surface, some time ago, God began a good work and – as a result – new growth had finally occurred. New life had appeared.

And we have every reason to believe that the same thing is happening for Haven right now.

Underneath the surface, inside of Haven’s body, we are trusting that God has begun a good work, and that new growth is now occurring. New growth that should result in a new and (hopefully) better life.

How I love that God can take something as simple as a blooming tulip and use it to encourage me, just when I need it most.

How creative and loving He is.


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