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A Second Search

March 8, 2015

Well, here we go again!

Since the search for Haven’s birth family went so well, we approached Grace about the possibility of searching for hers, too. She excitedly said, “Yes!”

So, we have hired the same search team to head into her hometown of Wuhan to do some investigating for us.  They are planning on heading to Wuhan (which is located in the province of Hubei) at the end of April.  They will send me firm dates at the beginning of April.

Chances are pretty slim that we will be able to find her birth family. Her case is a bit more difficult than Haven’s case – due to the fact that she was found in a large city as opposed to a tiny village in rural China. But, we will hope and pray for the best!

We do know the exact spot where she was found, as well as a date and time. Her birth parents also left a note with her – stating the time and the day when she was born. So, we’re hoping that the search team might be able to locate her hospital records with that information. We’re also hoping that the 200 posters that we’ve requested for the search will be seen by the right people.

When I opened up the first draft of that poster today, I got a little choked up. She’s changed so much since the last time that her birth parents saw her. I think of them often, and would love for them to be able to see what a beautiful young lady she is becoming. Praying that God will make that happen and bless the efforts of the search team once again!


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