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Get ready!

February 4, 2015


Okay, prayer warriors.

Get ready.

The search team that is heading into Haven’s home village should be arriving there on FEBRUARY 9TH.  They plan to stay there through FEBRUARY 11Th.

That’s next week, friends!!!

Please.  If you have a few moments during any of those days to lift up some prayers for the search, we would be so grateful.  Here are a few ways that you can pray:

-Pray that God will guide and direct the search team and give them wisdom as they conduct the search.

-Pray that they put up the 200 posters we have ordered in all of the right places.

-Pray that the right people see those posters.

-Pray that people from the village will be open and receptive to the search team….willing to share any information that they can, and help in any way possible.

-Pray that Haven’s finder, birth parents, and/or members of his extended family can be found.

-Pray for Haven’s birth parents, his extended family, and his finder.  Please pray that their hearts would be open to the idea of being found.  Pray that any shame or guilt they might feel because of the circumstances surrounding Haven’s relinquishment will subside, and that they would see just how important it will be for Haven to connect with them.  Pray that they might be OVERJOYED by the prospect of reconnecting with Haven, not fearful or ashamed.  Pray for their peace.

-Pray for God to bring some amazing, unexpected, incredible things out of this search….because we know that He can!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, friends

I will provide updates on here as soon as I know anything!


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