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Infusion Update

October 19, 2014

Haven continues to receive his monthly infusions of Pamidronate.

Yesterday, he completed his third round.

They tell us that we should start to expect results (strengthening of bones, strengthening of muscles, decreased aches/pains, decreased fractures) by round five or six.  So, we’re getting there!

Haven has handled his infusions beautifully.  I put numbing cream on his skin over where his port is located before we leave home for the hospital.  So, by the time he gets to the hospital, he is pretty numb in that area.  This makes accessing the port with the needle less painful for him.  He does cry when they access it.  But, he would cry sooooo much more if they had to try to find a vein each time we go in there.  It would be at least 45 minutes of distress/crying, I’m just sure of it.  His veins are so tiny, and both times that I have witnessed medical professionals attempting to start an IV on him, it has taken at least that long.

So, we’re definitely feeling good about having placed that port in his chest.  It was a good move.

He sits patiently in his hospital bed and plays with his toys during the 5 hours that we are there each time.  He also snacks and watches TV.  He doesn’t complain or whine much at all.  He is comfortable and content (after the port has been accessed).

Last month, we had a special visitor come and spend a few hours with us while the infusion took place.  She is a great family friend, and her presence made the time pass by so quickly!  We were so thankful that she was willing to give up her time to brighten our day : )  Another blessing to report is that he hasn’t really had any side effects from the Pamidronate yet.  Fevers are common, and sometimes children report feeling lethargic or a bit nauseous afterward.  But, he hasn’t experienced any of those things yet.  An answered prayer, for sure.

When/if you think about it, please continue to lift Haven up in prayer.  Pray that these infusions would begin to do the good work that needs to be done in him.

We are grateful for any and all prayers ♥




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  1. Carole Ann Lentz permalink
    October 19, 2014 11:09 pm

    I’m so glad Haven hasn’t had any bad experiences with his port. As I told you before, I was very glad to have mine when it was needed and I am actually a little hesitant to have mine removed even though I am finished with treatments. I wish you and your family the best.

  2. October 25, 2014 5:26 am

    Thanks so much, Carole! We’ve been very pleased with the port so far.

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