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Haven’s Song

May 7, 2014

Any time Rend Collective’s “My Lighthouse” starts playing on the radio, Morganne gets so excited!  She belts out the words, and usually adds some motions to her performance as well : )

All of our kids know the song really well.  It has become very meaningful to us over these past several months.  I think I’ve mentioned on here before that if Haven’s journey had a soundtrack, this song would definitely be on it!

Last night, I decided to capture Morganne singing along to it.  I’ve heard her do it SO many times, but have never taken the time to record it.

Just seconds into this video, she stops to sneeze.  I almost decided to scrap the video and have her sing the song for me again (minus the sneeze).  But, I found that I couldn’t watch that video – and its timely sneeze – without smiling or laughing.  I ultimately decided that it was a keeper….sneeze and all : )



My lighthouse, my lighthouse,
Shining in the darkness, I will follow You.
My lighthouse, my lighthouse,
I will trust the promise, 
You will carry me safe to shore.
Safe to shore….

I won’t fear what tomorrow brings.
With each morning I’ll rise and sing.
My God’s love will lead me through.
You are the peace in my troubled sea!
You are the peace in my troubled sea!

-Rend Collective-

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