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Three Neighbors

February 6, 2014

Last year, I authored a post about a wonderful connection that had been discovered between our daughter, Grace, and her second cousin, Maelyn.  Maelyn was adopted into our extended family several years before Grace.

Last winter, as Maelyn and I looked at a map of China together, she pointed to her hometown of Fuling on a map.  When she did that, I realized that the Yangtze River (which runs right through Grace’s hometown of Wuhan) also runs right through Fuling.   These two girls who had been adopted into the same family had also been connected in China as well…through the waters of the Yangtze River.  (Click here to read the post:

Fast forward to this morning.  Jackson, Grace, and I were putting together puzzles on our living room floor.  At one point, Jackson grabbed our China puzzle.  It’s simply a map of the country, and the puzzle pieces are the provinces.

As she often does when we put this puzzle together, Grace pointed to her home province of Hubei.  I then pointed to the province of Chongqing, and reminded Grace that Maelyn was born there.  Then, I pointed to Guizhou, and told the kids that Haven is from that province.  As I did this, I realized that there is yet another connection to be seen between my children and Maelyn.

Grace and Haven come from provinces that are in close proximity to one another.  However, they don’t have neighboring borders.  Chongqing – Maelyn’s home province – happens to lie right in between them.  She connects them together.

Through the miracle of adoption, three children who once lived in three neighboring provinces on the other side of the world have been brought together on this side of the world.  

Those who were once neighbors have now become family.  



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  1. February 6, 2014 11:37 pm

    Good story with many positive thoughts…

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