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December 25, 2013

I know Carly has had a lot of new people follow her blog this year, and some of you may not know her all that well. I also know some of you have followed her blog for a while now and know her well. She uses this blog to say and express many different things. She writes about her kids, her family, her friends, her faith, her savior. She is always cheerful and encouraging. But, she almost never writes about herself.

For Christmas, I thought it was long overdue that someone wrote about her. So, I, her husband, have hacked her account (but for good reason, right?) and am writing this blog entry. I am nowhere as skilled as she is, but I’m hoping to produce something that does her and this blog justice.

She gave up a career as a graphic designer to stay at home with the kids.

Her new career is far more important than her last.

She is the mother of my children, and she is really, really good at it.

She takes care of all of us each and every day, willingly and lovingly.

She makes every single one of our 4 kids feel like they are loved just the same as the others.

She gives each kid special days, where they get to be with just mommy for that day.

She is really good at playing with the kids, they always have fun being around her.

She allows our children to be kids.

She has a soft spot for each kid, even to a fault 🙂

She works extremely hard to provide each kid with an amazing celebration of their birthday.

She sings to our children every night at bedtime, even if they ask for the exact same song 365 days of the year.

She keeps journals of each of our children, jotting down momentous occasions and funny stories.

She makes the meals on our table.

She sets out the clothes the kids wear. (I don’t know that I could dress them if she wasn’t around)

She the house hair stylist, cutting the boys hair and always doing the girls hair.

She keeps food, supplies, and clothes stocked in our house.

She drives our daughter to and from school every day.

She loves family, both hers and mine.

She is a loving, respectful daughter, who would do anything for her parents

She is a loving, respectful daughter-in-law, who would do anything for my parents

She is extremely creative. She takes the best pictures, designs the best logos, and puts together the best collages.

She decorates our house with her pictures and artwork, making it the most beautiful place to live.

She loves Christmas, the season, the specials, the music, the lights, the decorations. She shares my affinity for elf culture.

She has to be the best Elf on the Shelf parent in the world.

She is the best gift giver ever. Think of your best idea for a gift you’ve ever had, she does that on almost every single gift she gives.

She’ll watch a movie she’s seen before on TV before she would ever watch it on DVD, swearing that watching it live “with the masses” makes it special.

She is extremely organized.

She writes lists on paper, the old fashioned way.

She works extremely hard at everything she does.

If you ask for a favor, you had better be ready to have it done well before you thought humanly possible.

She is a devoted follower of Christ. She willingly gives her time to her church.

She prays, studies the word, and is more than willing to step up and help lead our family in spiritual matters.

She’s always nice to everyone, slow to anger, slow to judgment, and quick to love.

If you’ve met her once, chances are she remembers your name, what you do, your family, and has reminded me several times who you are.

She is talented at most anything she tries.

She is musical, both able to play music and sing it beautifully.

She is tall.

She is athletic.

She is smart.

She is faithful.

She is beautiful, more so each day.

She believes in me. She encourages me. She supports me. She loves me.

She is my best friend. I would rather spend time with her than do anything else.

She is all of this and so much more. To know her is a blessing to you and you are forever grateful.

Merry Christmas, Carly. I love you.Image

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  1. Lynelle permalink
    December 25, 2013 1:23 pm

    Wow! You are so sweet – I think, hands down, this is the best Christmas present I have ever heard of! Kudos!

    I’d like to add that I agree with everything above and add that I think Carly is one of the most compassionate, selfless and caring people I know. I love her creativity, fire for life and so much more. And I’m TOTALLY jealous of her amazing red locks that were passed down to the Parks clan! 😉

    • December 27, 2013 5:44 am

      So humbled by this post. Thank you, Bryan, for such a wonderful Christmas gift. I love you.

      And thanks, Lynelle, for your kind words as well 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and Casey!

  2. Mary Jane permalink
    December 28, 2013 3:13 am

    Bryan, you did a great job. Written by a man who truly loves his wife. I believe God has blest both of you by bringing the two of you together.

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