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February 16, 2012

What did our Valentine’s Day celebration entail this year?

A party at preschool for Sid.  Roses.  Gifts from the grandparents.  Heart-shaped donuts for breakfast.  Cards.  A dinner/movie date over the weekend.  A cute owl Valentine from Harry.  Fun Dip candy from Kelson & Carson.  Tattoos from Aunt Sara & Uncle Daniel.  Cookies from Aunt Carly.  Small gifts from us to the kiddos………including a kitten.  Yes, a kitten.

Shortly before our three cats went missing from my parents’ home last summer, Bryan discovered a place that could install electrical fencing at our home that would be safe to use for cats.  But, by that time it was too late.  Our three friends were missing and, unfortunately, never turned up.  Since that time, Bryan and I have discussed getting a kitten since we now knew how we could safely keep him/her outdoors in our subdivision.  We loved having cats and so did the kids.  For the past several months, Sidney has incessantly asked us for a baby kitten.  But, we knew that we should wait until warm weather was on the horizon.  We had intended on waiting until Sidney’s birthday in April to take the plunge.  But, my impatience took over and I decided to surprise everyone (Bryan included) with a kitten for Valentine’s Day.  He is just over 8 weeks old and happens to be slightly cute : )

Sidney is completely smitten.  She mothers that little guy all day long.  She cried last night before bed because she said she would “miss him” while she was asleep.  The others really dig him as well……..however Sidney is the one who does 99% of the holding and cuddling at this point : )

Tonight, we finally decided upon a name for the little one.  We threw out about a dozen options to the kids.  Of course each of them had a different favorite amongst those options.  So, Bryan and I decided to just make the final decision ourselves.

Bryan is a huge Cubs fan.  I am a fan, too.  (However, I have totally failed to keep up with them as much as I should since becoming a mom.  But, never fear, Bryan does keep me well-informed.)  As a result, we were inspired in our kitten-naming process by the Cubs’ recent decision to hire Theo Epstein as their new president.  When that decision was announced last fall, Bryan and his brother, Brett, were ecstatic.  According to them, the hiring of Theo to the Cubs’ administrative staff will do wonders for the ball club and possibly end “the curse”.  So, Bryan voted that we give our new furry friend the name “Theo”.  When we realized that “Theo” sounds a lot like “Neo” (the name of our beloved male cat that disappeared last fall), we knew that it was the perfect choice.

We’re excited to have this new little family member to love and enjoy.

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  1. Kcsteinbo permalink
    February 16, 2012 4:56 am

    Vincent is pleased.

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