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December 30, 2011

I was in the kitchen on Christmas Eve making a batch a Snickerdoodles.  In walks Sidney.  She asks what I am making.  As soon as the word “Snickerdoodles” came out of my mouth, she quietly giggled………as if I were kidding.  I told her that it wasn’t a joke, and that the cookies were actually called Snickerdoodles.  She thought that was quite funny.  In walks her brother a few minutes later.  He asks me the same question.  As soon as I told him what they were called, he said “You’re making Snickerdickles??”  Now, I was the one laughing.  Jackson soon joined me.  And since he knew that I thought he said something funny, he chose to refer to the cookies as Snickerdickles (and sometimes Snurkledurkles) for the rest of the evening.

Snickerdickles.  Go ahead and say it.  I bet you can’t do it without laughing : )

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